Education Funding

Some people are able to pay for their education easily, but most people need to obtain loans or grants.

Look for opportunities related to your field or the area or population you will work with in:

  • Internal Grant programs at higher education institutions
  • State programs
  • Federal programs

Different structures can help in different ways:

  • a Scholarship, or a Tuition Waiver, does not require you to put money into your education up front.
  • Loan Repayment programs or Tuition Reimbursement programs, require that you pay for your education and then the repayment/reimbursement program will help to pay down the money which you already paid.

Most programs require some form of service commitment in return for the payments.

Here are some of the programs available in Massachusetts:

There are some times funding opportunities for specific professions, so check the Career Paths pages on this site and relevant professional associations or government sites.

Local Community Colleges will often offer a free course for one individual staff member at an organization which accepts the College’s students for field internships. See if that is true, or explore establishing such an arrangement for your organization!