Using Workspaces

What You See When You Are a Workspace Member

When you are on a Workspace page you have joined and you are logged in, you will see in the center column of the page

  • a short description of the Workspace
  • any announcements from the Moderator
  • a series of Discussion posts and their comments

You will see a sidebar on the left with a list of Members.  You will also see a sidebar on the right with Details about the workspace and a list of Workspace Library items.

How to Start a New Discussion

To start a new discussion, press the green "Start a Discussion" button. Enter a short title in the title box, then write your full entry in the larger white "Body" space below. (Also, note that via the "I agree" checkbox, you are agreeing to the confidentiality policies of the Careers of Substance Website.) When you are finished, press the green "Save" button. Your new discussion thread will be at the top of the page.

To edit one of your discussion threads, click the thread title, then the Edit button at the top of the page.

How to Comment on a Discussion

To add a comment, go to the bottom of all comments in the Discussion, find the blank white rectangle below the last comment and enter your own comment in the white box.  Then press the blue "Submit" button just to the right beneath your comment.  The page automatically refreshes and you will see your comment as the last in line with the others in that discussion thread.

To edit one of your comments, click on the blue "edit" link under it.

How to Use the Workspace Library

To use a Library item, you can click on the latest ones displayed in the sidebar under Library, or click on See All in order to get to the full Library. After you click on the Library item name, you can see the full note describing it, and you can click a link or an attachment as well.

To upload a Workspace Library Item, Click on the "Add a Library Item" button in the Library section in the right sidebar or in the Library. 

  • Enter a short title.
  • If you would like to add a file (presentation, PDF, word document etc) click on "Choose File" to browse to the file you would like to upload and doubleclick on its name;  once its name appears in the library dialogue screen, click "upload" next to the file name.
  • Assign a Library Item Type from the dropdown menu.
  • Write a short note or description in the Notes section.
  • Last, click "Submit" in the lower right  hand corner.

How to Contact the Workspace Moderator

You can: contact the Moderator of your Workspace by clicking on her name in the Details section of the Workspace page and then and then choose Contact (see below "How to Contact Another Workspace Member").  You may want to contact her particularly if you see something posted that might be revealing confidential or identifying information.  You may also wish contact her to with a suggestion for the website or Workspace.

How to Contact Another Workspace Member

To contact another member of the of a Workspace, you can click on their name in the Members listing, and then choose Contact.

You can use this page to write a note to them. The recipient will see your email address, but you will not see theirs. If you want to have a copy of what you write to the person, you must check the box beside "Send a copy to me" just above the "Send" button - it will be sent to your email address as well as to the person you are writing to.

You Will Receive Workspace-related Emails

When a Workspace Discussion post is created, updated, or commented upon, you will receive an email notifying you of this. In addition, the Workspace Moderator has the ability to send you email.

If You Are Having Trouble

If you would like to report an issue with website functionality, you can report it to your Workspace Moderator, you can click "Submit an Issue" in the footer of any page, or you can Contact Us.