Supervision of Recovery Coaches and other Peer Workers

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Recovery Coaches and other peer workers are currently employed throughout MA in a variety of environments – clinical, non-clinical, judicial, community-based, etc. because of their lived experience and proven effectiveness in helping people in recovery build lives of wellness. These environments may or may not have fully integrated recovery principles and values, but effective supervision of the Recovery Coach and/or peer worker provides a meaningful point of engagement for this ongoing process.

Multiple Pathways of Recovery for Peer Support Workers

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This full-day workshop provides a hands-on introduction and overview of numerous pathways of recovery. Including their history, organizing structure, rituals and other defining characteristics. Participants will also explore the tasks required to initiate any new recovery pathway (including one they champion) in their community.

Recovery Capital

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Recovery Capital has proven to be one of the most effective means by which recoverees support and sustain their recovery, as well as an excellent tool for ongoing measurement of recovery quality and success.

This 1-day workshop offers Recovery Coaches and other peer professional designations the opportunity to enrich and deepen their conceptual and practical understanding of Recovery Capital, as well as clear parameters by which to support goal and wellness planning with any recoveree.

Recovery Coach Academy (RCA)

The Application for 5-Day Recovery Coach Academy (RCA) is a two-step process.