Ethics for Recovery Coaches

Date range: 
May 31 2022
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Alexander Fidalgo, Jim Higgins
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Description Narrative

Ethics for Recovery Coaches offers participants unique opportunities to explore and define just what ethical practice means within the context of their work, as well as their varied work environments. This 1-day workshop includes the following:

  • Discussion of the history, classic expressions and impact of ethics
  • Hands-on exploration of recovery-specific ethical challenges and opportunities for ethical practice when working as a Recovery Coach
  • Examination/articulation of potential ethical conflicts interent in Recovery Coach roles and non-clinical lane
  • Facilitated exercises for practice of new skills - self-awarness, confidentiality, ethical decision-making, boundary management, etc.
  • Self-assessment and facilitated discussion of professional next steps

Objectives: Upon completion of this training, particiants will:

  • Develop a deeper appreciation for the history, organizational utility and impact of ethics, especially as they relate to providing peer recovery support.
  • Explore personal/social situations that present challenges to and opportunities for ethical behavior.
  • Understand the impact of personal decisions and how this relates to providing ethical service within one's Recovery Coach role(s) and non-clinical lane.
  • Define personal, professional organizational boundaries and articulate their role in building/maintaining authentic peer recovery relationships.